Please start with Manual A –   Keeping it Simple!

Then move on to a quick run-through of Express Manuals 1,2 and 3, before going back over in more detail. The Express Manuals cover the key details of the software and systems.

The ‘Reference Manual’ contains many original research charts, never intended for publication, they are messy compared to current charts. Some charts date back about 15 years. Please do NOT read through this Manual, too much information. The best use of this Manual is for a more detailed review on specific points.

The ‘COMPILATION FILES’ reproduce the concepts of the Express Manuals in mostly succinct form, with current chart examples.

There are two types of Compilation Files. The first type referencing ‘concepts’; the second type referencing the Daily Matrix Island Combinations – with each Matrix reference showing current chart examples for easy reference, in real time if you choose.

Please go to Type 1 ‘Compilations’ Concept Files any time after Express Manual 1

The initial Introduction –  ‘DMIC2059 Futures Trading – Start Up’  – is available on the Home page.


A. Keeping it Simple!                            – An overview.

B. Express Manual Part 1 – Basics     – Basics

C. Express Manual Part 2 – Software – Software – 30 Minute chart Use

D. Compilation Files                             – Type 1 – Concepts * 

E. Express Manual Part 3 – Next        – Conditions Precedent –Conflict– Volatility–Matrix

F. Compilation Files                             – Type 2 -Current DMIC Matrix examples **

E.  Reference Guide                            – Do NOT read -reference only as needed

F. Express Overview                            – Written words and charts – basics webinar