CEO & FOUNDER; Alan Fitterman 


Education; Wolverhampton University  & Bradford University Graduate School Of Business U.K  Majors; Economics; Law; Organizational Development;  H.R;  Graduate Institute of Personnel Management.

DMIC2059 CEO & Founder;

Five Years at a Grain Brokers in the City of London’s financial district preceded an interest in commodity trading. In the U.S  a review of the Intra-Day Chicago Futures Markets developed into  the E-Mini Financial-Index  ‘Instant A.I Program.’   For Beginners, Inter-mediates &  Advanced alike, it better levels the playing field with the major corporate computer trading programs. Fifteen plus years of study & work finally resulted in the release of the DMIC2059 Proprietary Software.

Founder & CEO;  The Rose Express;

The first Monthly Flower Subscription service in the U.S.A.  Started as a ‘bootstrap’ company without funding. The company grew from 0 subscribers to just over 10,000 (ten thousand) monthly subscribers. The concept of buying fresh flowers directly from the growers and delivering them to consumers within 24-48 hours of leaving the greenhouses, enabled consumers to get the freshest flowers with the longest life span available. Direct delivery by The Rose Express’ own refrigerated trucks in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles/Orange County ensured first-class quality control. The primary product was long stem Roses locally grown in Monterey, CA.


Board member Homeward Bound of Marin

Board member for about 8 years. HMB served the homeless community in several centers. The lead program was a Re-training Campus for up to 80 participants in dorms, living on campus for six months. Connections with restaurants helped graduates with new jobs. Other centers included a home community base for ‘mentally challenged’ who went out to work, Board meetings at this facility with their participation taught me that people can think differently, but be perfectly able. Centers for single mothers and families completed the service centers. HBM was voted the best ‘non-profit ‘ in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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